Monday, August 12, 2013

asymptotic misanthropy and the gelfand triplet

Asymptotic ergotic misanthropy is characterized by the loss of comprehension and expression of verbal language (aphasia) in association with severely abnormal electroencephalic (EEG) findings that often result in seizures.  Passages in the Voynich codex, which were transcribed in the 13th century from the diaries of an unknown Franciscan herbalist and psychic astrologer, describe similar effects resulting from oral injestion of the ascospores in combination with alcohol and correlated with a defficiency of alpha-1 antitrypsin.  The codex offers a triangulated model, which can be formulated as a completed Hilbert space or Gelfand triplet.  Subsequent corners of the triangle represent (1) the simple spore space, (2) the completed spore space, and (3) the rigged spore space.  These spaces are created by iterative fluidic compression of the spores in a series of phallic vessicles varying in diameter from 3 to 50 microns, and are accompanied by symptoms of increasing severity, including: sleep disorder, weight loss, existential numbness, metaphysical catastrophic distress, and death by self-immolation.  The cycle then repeats ad infinitum, with the victim being resurrected from the flames at each iteration only to repeat the process.  Eventually, the subject transcends reality, resulting in complete unintelligibility and psychosis.

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