Tuesday, January 15, 2013

nature abhors a blog

"nature abhors a blog." so wrote benedict spinoza in 1677,  by which he meant simply that the process through which a blog is created is anti-entropic, requiring the evacuation of verbiage, the expulsion of consonants and vowels from an idealized encapsulated region of utter disarray, into the realm of the sentence and the punctuation mark.  it is to create from a state of disorganization a state of perfectly organized vacuousness.  it should be noted, however, that the difficulty of achieving this outcome is due precisely to the self-conserving nature of disorder.  the creation of a state of purposeless prose and empty lines of letters comes at the cost of greater chaos elsewhere induced.  for every assembled paragraph neatly terminated with a period, for every postscript size 12 font intermingling in the democratic webospheric congress of the lexicon, letters of other fathomless realms are compelled to open anarchy, engaging themselves in a panoply of lithographic mutinies, throwing themselves with pornographic abandon upon subway walls, highway overpasses, and bathroom stalls, illegibly scribbled by future girl scout cheerleaders on parchments passed between teenaged thighs beneath lunchtime dribbles of milk and tater tots, advertisements scratched upon chinese rice patty carts and oriental hot dog vendor stands, user manuals  for cheap plastic alarm clocks and calculator wrist watches incorrectly transcribed from the japanese, and haikus written in mutated shorthand by filthy monkeys screeching like macaws from the branches of shopping mall christmas tree escalator ramps.  thus the bloggy onslaught of the blogosphere transforms the sublime into the unrecognizable.

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