Monday, October 15, 2018

hyperdimensional piscary

“His cat having passed to the hands of an elderly relative, the files of the late Dr. Hunsbaum were at last uncovered in the basement of one Frau Anna G--. The relation, his neice-in-law-by-proxy, had a hysterical affection for the accumulation of old papers, and thus could not bear to be parted from them. She did permit, however, the historian and prolific author Sir Martin Caterwaul III, to review their contents under her strict supervision.”

“Case 932: Fisherman, Middle Dementia
Upon examination, the man, a Mr.  R— was found to suffer from severe cognitive decline. He recounted having gone fishing the day prior and catching a large Norweigian bass. At which moment he suffered what we subsequently surmise to have been a cognitive break. He claims to have become instantly aware of a “different direction,” which he described “like as if all of existence were multiplied continuously along some unseen dimension.” He described this sensation as akin to discovering that a “tiny piece of yarn were in fact a constantly unravelling spindle.” Following this revelation, he claims to have “gone skew-whiff” and found that the fish he had caught was both on the line and off of it, both dead and alive at once, both on land and still in the river.”

“The rotational transformation thereby enacted may be understood via the introduction of a fourth spatial coordiate.  We wish to generate a graph of the projection of this space for arbitrary orientations of the the axes (height, breadth, depth) and the fourth axis which we shall call “wracsth”, from Old English “wræcs” meaning “the path of peril.” These give sixteen vertex locations, with the vertices forming twenty-four intersecting squares and eight intersecting cubes.”

The History of N-Brane Theory in Psychoanalysis
by Prof. Sigurd Gansgehen

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