Sunday, June 21, 2015

the vestal androgyny of the ant maiden

"By far the most startling discovery in relation to this astonishing civilization is that of the suppression of sex.  In certain advanced forms of ant-life sex totally disappears in the majority of individuals; in nearly all the higher ant-societies sex life appears to exist only to the extent absolutely needed for the continuance of the species.... No indulgence of any natural appetite is possible except to the degree in which such induglence can directly or indirectly benefit the species; even the indespensable requirements of food and sleep being satisfied only to the exact extent necessary for the maintenance of healthy activity."

Supposing that such a discovery were made, and that the human race should decide to arrest the development of sex in the majority of its young -- so as to effect a transferrence of those forces, now demanded by sex-life to the development of higher activities -- might not the result be an eventual state of polymorphism, like that of the ants?  And in such event, might not the Coming Race be indeed represented in its higher types -- through feminine rather than masculine evolution -- by a majority of beings of neither sex?"

from "Kwaidan -- Insect Studies -- Ants, Section V"
by Lafcadio Hearn

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